3.5" LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor - Wireless surveillance camera with night vision for remote monitoring of your infant.

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  • Always in Touch- Are you worried leaving your baby or child alone or not hearing them when they wake up? Using your BabyWombWorld baby monitor you can now keep an eye and ear on your little one wherever you are all the time! No more need to stress or to be worried as a parent. Even if you go to visit your friends, this monitor is great to watch your baby while she/he sleeps in one of their rooms.
  • Fantastic Features- BabyWombWorld Baby Monitor has a transmission RANGE that will cover most of your house. So you will easily be able to watch and listen to your baby wherever you are in or outside your house. With NIGHT VISION this camera has great picture quality day and night. The TWO-WAY audio communication makes it possible to listen and talk to your little one if needed. Using the monitor you can even move the camera up and down or left and right!!
  • Super Easy to Use- The BabyWombWorld baby monitor is SO EASY to set up! Most wifi baby monitors work with internet and to set up the camera is difficult. With the BabyWombWorld baby monitor there is no such worries. You connect the camera to power and once you switch on the monitor unit you will automatically be connected. No hassle! No struggles! And there is absolutely no problem having more than one in your house.
  • Room Temperature and More- The room temperature in which the baby sleeps is an important factor when it comes to how well a baby sleep. Especially if you use for instance a baby sleeping bag. On the monitor you are able to see the room temperature all the time! Both the monitor and camera has a lithium battery so you can use your camera and monitor for a period of timing not having any of the units plugged into a power supply.