Amcrest Video Baby Monitor (AC-1) with Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera, 3.5 inch LCD, Non-Visible Night Vision, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi with FHSS, Temperature Sensor, and 2-Way Audio

$ 2,159.00

Marca Amcrest
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  • PAN, TILT, AND ZOOM FUNCTIONS ALLOW NOTHING TO ESCAPE MOMMY'S WATCHFUL EYE: Keep track of your baby and everything inside a room with the Amcrest Baby Monitor. Its wide 300° pan angle, 110° tilt angle, and 50° field of view provides you with a clear, unobstructed perspective on a large, 3.5 inch color LCD monitor.
  • INFRARED TECHNOLOGY GIVES DAD NIGHT VISION SUPERPOWERS IN THE DARK: You'll never need to worry about things that go bump in the night again. Clearly view your baby from up to 15 feet away, even in dim ambient light, allowing you can see movement in real-time. The non-visible infrared light doesn't emit a red glow, which helps keep the camera out of sight.
  • ULTRA-LONG TRANSMISSION RANGE MAKES YOU FEEL CLOSE -- EVEN WHEN YOU'RE AWAY: As you move around the house and farther away from the camera, the 2.4GHz wireless frequency offers you the flexibility of being in another room or even right outside your house. Your monitor can be 980 feet away from the camera and still get an interference-free connection (with direct line of sight).
  • PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY WITH SECURE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: The Amcrest Baby Monitor uses a Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS for short), which encrypts wireless signals when transferring information from the camera to the monitor, and prevents anyone from gaining unauthorized access to your baby's camera.
  • OUR LITTLE TOUCHES SPELL A BIG DIFFERENCE IN YOUR BABY'S SAFETY AND COMFORT: At a glance, you can check to see if the room is too warm or too cold with the built-in temperature sensor. An embedded microphone and speaker let you talk or listen-in at any time. Play up to five pre-programmed lullabies to get your little one off to sleep in no time.