Angelcare Baby Video and Sound Monitor, 3.5 Inch Screen, 1 Camera

$ 1,475.90

Marca Angelcare
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  • Our portable, rechargeable parent unit includes a 3.5" lcd screen, featuring a display that keeps you informed, no matter where you are in your home-and without interrupting your baby's sleep.
  • With an adjustable camera angle, you can safely position our nursery unit for a perfect view of your little one. You can also check on your baby during the night without disruption thanks to the automatic night vision photo sensor.
  • Temperature display and control-with the ability to sense temperature, you'll be alerted if the temperature in your baby's room is too high or low.
  • Expandable-add up to 4 cameras.
  • 3.5" lcd screen -the lcd screen on the parent unit clearly displays a number of monitoring features. Even with the sound off, you'll know what's going on.