Audífonos KOKKIA Stereo Bluetooth con microfono S10 -Negro

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  • S10 (VERY NEW Luxurious Black) Bluetooth + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Wireless Stereo Headset for Stereo Music and Voice. Ideal Headsets with good bass to enjoy MULTI-STREAM music from KOKKIA's Tiny i10 iPod Transmitter with friend/partner concurrently.
  • VERY NEW LUXURIOUS BLACK design, similar to the very popular new luxurious black colors of i10s and i10 Tiny Bluetooth Transmitters for iPod,iPhone,iPad.
  • Ideal for Bluetooth iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Blackberries and other Cell-phones and Bluetooth transmitter devices.
  • High quality stereo audio with good bass (vs earbud type design) and integrated microphone for clear voice. Integrated rechargeable battery with long play time.
  • Modern adjustable head-band design for best firm and comfortable fit (vs fixed behind head-band older design like Motorola S305/S9 that is impossible to adjust for comfort and/or very uncomfortable to lay your head back against headrest, or bobs up and down on the back of head when jogging/running). Well placed antenna for good wireless performance, that is not blocked by the head like those with antenna placed behind the back of the head that have awful performance in outdoor open areas.