BearsFire® Fashion Wireless Bluetooth Knit Hat Receiver Headphone Speaker Microphone Beanie Hat Cap Headphone Headset Earphones MP3 Speaker Music Player for Men Women Gift (Blue)

$ 441.30

Marca BearsFire
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  • Cord-free, Bluetooth built-in wireless speaker headphones in a stylish hat.
  • Works with any Bluetooth enabled device letting you listen to your favorite music, watch movies, play games or stream online content, all cord free.
  • Answer and talk on your phone all hands free. No more having to pull your phone out while you are on the move - just tap your hat and talk!
  • The audio system is fully removable, so you can wash the funk out of your hat after those long days of wear you are going to have. Includes super slim built-in micro USB rechargeable battery
  • Perfect for traveling, waiting for the bus, jogs in the cold or just rocking out in your bedroom! You will look great and keep warm while listening to your favorite music. Keep the sound track to your life playing all the time!