Bocina Granvela Contra el Agua Bluetooth BV210 -Azul

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Marca Granvela
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  • [Sophisticated styling] 8.3cm in diameter, thickness 4cm, even if women can in one hand palm. Its zinc alloy base and enhance the texture of the whole, but also reduce the frequency of loss of a good bass sinking protect bass.
  • [Hands-free calls] Bluetooth pairing with your phone fast and stable, easy to enjoy mobile music tracks, of course, you can also swim and play movies when used in the hand, to experience wireless music fun. BV210 built-in microphone, wireless calls, the call can be directly through the speakers, and convenient
  • [Powerful dynamic bass boost technology] By the speaker unit is provided on the holder, an additional bicyclic dynamic diaphragm, the limited cavity full application, improve the intersection stagnation audio and serve to strengthen the sinking of the low-frequency effects. At the same time boost the principle of dynamic, dynamic low-frequency gain.
  • [Self protection] Broken-Free Design : Built-in Shockproof Case , Shock-Resistant Rubber Sleeve . Waterproof , dustproof and drop resistance
  • [International top tuner works] Audio gain through industry-leading debugging software, remove high-frequency peak barbed tone part, be added to the low-frequency sinking part.