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  • Incredibly powerful and faithful - 20W! - thanks to the introduction of the "Vibe&Tweet" technology, Thor has two separate sound drivers: a vibration-core of extraordinary dimensions and quality, and an integrated tweeter for the medium-high frequences. Its exclusive vibration-core spreads the sound onto the surface that Thor stands on, transforming it into a powerful source of acoustics that gives you a 360 degree sound diffusion and a listening experience without precedents.
  • Extraordinarily complete: through the Bluetooth® 4.0 technology and the NFC, you can connect your device through a simple touch without the need for cables. The powerful integrated battery will let you listen to your music for many hours- The Bluetooth protocols A2DP, AVRCP and HFP, will let you enjoy all the remote control functions and Hands-Free! Thor will let you manage your phone calls and is even equipped with s a Micro-SDcard slot (32Gb!) for your MP3-WAV-WMA tracks!
  • Elegant and easy to use: Thor is a sophisticated object of design that seduces you with its clean lines and solid construction, in line with the Vibe-Tribe tradition. The elegant and feminine shape, its body all made in aluminium with fine surface carvings, the Touch-Panel... everything makes Thor a speaker with a strong personality.Useful at the office, at home or outdoor, it will never fail to capture the attention and surprise anyone who sees it or hears it in action.
  • Thor is available in four exclusive colours, each with a strong personality, and comes with a sophisticated package that renders it even more precious and desirable. It makes the perfect gift...original and surprising! Compatible with iPhone®,iPod®, iPad®, Galaxy® and other Android® devices, MP3, Mac, Laptop and any other sound source that has a 3,5 mm jack outlet or a Bluetooth® audio connection.