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ECS WHUCDAP WordHear-O Under-chin Transcription Headset for Dictaphone

$ 666.12

SKU: SKU432903
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  • ECS WHUCDAP WordHear-O DAP Under-chin Stereo Transcription Headset with 2 prong plug for Dictaphone units - New The ECS-WHUCDAP, under the chin headset featuring true stereo dome shaped twin speakers. Designed to fit all ears, lightweight and comfortable.
  • This WordHear-O DAP headset has a mono / stereo switch with 2 prong adapter and volume control. This headset allows any transcriptionist the ability to use their headset for analog or stereo applications. 10 Foot cord for ease of movement. Headset comes with a carry pouch for storage. The WordHear-O DAP with 90 degree plug to extend lifespan of cord!
  • ECS WordHear-O DAP Headset Features: Compatible with any Dictaphone two prong, mono or stereo 3.5 mm headset jack. Under-the-chin style transcription headset. 90 degree plug to extend lifespan of cord. 10 Foot cord for ease of movement. Built-in adjustable volume control. Lightweight and comfortable. Carry pouch for storage. Designed to fit all ears
  • ECS-WHUCUSB WordHear-O DAP Headset Includes: Twin Speaker headset volume control, Dictaphone 304931 headset adapter, Carry pouch, 3 extra pair ear cushions