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ELECOM Wireless mouse Blue LED "grip feeling" EX-G series M size 2.4GHz 5 buttons Black M-XGM10DBBK

$ 760.94

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  • EX-G which realized good point of "grip feeling" that was not possible by design which came out of shape of the hand. It is medium size to be easy to be familiar with hand, and to fit well
  • Wavelength is shorter than red light as for the inexperienced light of Blue LED and that light reflects even small irregularities and dust more exactly and reaches sensor without choosing place
  • We realized "easiness of grip" that was not possible by designing in shape to adjust to these four points
  • It possesses high reliability and, on button of right and left, adopts Switch made in OMRON company with reputation in a feeling of click in the durability
  • Easiness of push of side button improves by regulating position, angle, the area of the top. We prevent sliding of the hand by adopting leather-like side grip on the body side