Kool Beanie: Dynamic Design Wireless Music Hat, Hands Free Calling, Bluetooth Cap with Headphones, Headset Knitted with Stereo Speaker Earphones and Microphone (Black)

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  • ONE SIZE FIT ALL & UNIVERSAL WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY - Stretchable high quality knit material to fit all sizes and shapes. Universal Bluetooth technology with forward and backward compatibility to connect to all other Bluetooth enabled media player devices including smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy, laptops, PC,... etc.
  • LOUD & HD MUSIC EXPERIENCE - Enjoy enhanced music listening experience with advanced digital sound, balanced deep bass, dynamic mid-range, & crystal clear high note while staying warm, delivered by high performance stereo loudspeaker driver.
  • FULLY WASHABLE - Unprecedented zipper and velcro design to remove or re-install headset speaker driver and battery component easily in seconds from the beanie for washing purpose. 100% risk-free 1 year manufacturer warranty included.
  • WARM, SOFT, SENSIBLE, COMFORTABLE, & MUSICAL - Features premium double soft knit to provide the maximum comfort, delicacy, and secure-fit mobility for most versatile lifestyle indoor, sports-active outdoor, or everyday usage without compromising the convenience.
  • KOOL BEANIE BRAND - Note that Kool Beanie is a 100% branded product. Newly manufactured, designed, and trademarked. Any hijacking or re-listing by other sellers should be reported.