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Koolertron Cherry MX Black Programmable Gaming Keypad, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 43 Programmable Keys, Single-Handed Keypad Macro Setting, Golden Backlit Can be Turned OFF (Cherry MX Black)

$ 2,522.01

SKU: SKU581122
Tiempo de entrega:8-10 días hábiles
  • ?43 Programmable keys & 8 Programmable macro based hardware?Program all 43 keys or create complex macros with the configuration software to take full command of your computer. Perfect not only for gamers, but also for so many other types of users including designers and video editors
  • ?Built-in MCU?after keyboard keys be set up, it will be automatically stored in keyboard's MCU, and no need reset the keyboard even replace the computer
  • ?Support 9 kinds key program types? Normal/FN-Shift/Mouse/Combination/Burst/Round-Robin/Continue/Jitter/Special Functions/Disable key types, different key type with different function
  • ?Cherry MX Black switches?Cherry MX Black switches with trigger travel of 1.5mm, plus full anti-ghosting ensures great feel and accuracy
  • ?Portable Mini keypad?Portable Mini keypad, Effectively save desktop space. You can connect the keypad and a 104-key keyboard with the same computer at the same time, they will not interfere with each other.