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LED B188 8 Light Strike Keys Gaming Keyboard - Light Strike innovated Fastest Key Response Keyboard , LED Neon Glare System , Water resistant Double Secure Keys by Bloody Gaming

$ 1,222.71

SKU: SKU463694
Tiempo de entrega:8-10 días hábiles
  • 8 LIGHTSTRIKE KEYS - Fastest key response in the world
  • FANTASTIC DURABILITY - To the hardcore gamer, durability is a must - no one wants to play and replace their equipment - we designed gear that will stay relevant and durable for years
  • LED LIT KEYBOARD - Gamers Love to play in the dark, or to just have special lighting with their gaming equipment - our keyboard is backlit to fit your needs
  • DUAL MODE - Game mode or normal mode settings
  • DOUBLE SECURE WATER-RESISTANCE - Electronic sealed with a water drain hole to make sure it does not affect your keyboard's life span