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SHARK TECHNOLOGY® 600W 120mm Cooling Fan Single Rail +12V ATX Power Supply Upgrade for PC/HP/Dell Dimension Desktop Computer P/N: YH542 L305P-01 CX305N-00 L305N-00 N305P-00 ...

$ 1,422.44

Marca Shark
SKU: SKU409104
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  • Supports Intel Celeron, Pentium III, IV, and newer Intel Core PC systems. Supports AMD Sempron, Athlon, FX, 64-bit, and Multi-Core based systems.
  • Power Connectors: 24pin Main Connector, 8pin Motherboard 12V Connector (sub module detachable to support standard 4pin 12V board), 3x Molex 4pin Connectors, 3x SATA Connectors, FDD Connector
  • Quiet Operation. Self-cooling and will not overheat. Multiple lines of cables to support drives located not next to each other Fits all standard ATX PC chassis and most Dell/HP/Lenovo cases.
  • Upgrade for OptiPlex Tower GX60 GX150 GX240 GX260 GX270 (does not fit SFF or the slim type version)
  • Upgrade Replacement for Dell P/N: PS-6311-2D2 PH333 CX305N-00 W8185 L305N-00 N305P-00 L305P-01NC905 C5201 D5032 YH542 UH870